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Saturday, January 15, 2011

What girls do these days!!

I just did a little experience: I created a random male account on stardoll and went to a party. I also went to the same party with my main account. Basically all the girls started hitting on 'him' etc... At the end I made him leave and I told this other girl, that I (boy) had given 'on purpose' more attention, "He liked me more just so you know" and she started blabbing about how 'he' had asked her if she was single... etc.. And then I didn't really fight I just said that he liked me best and that he was sending me messages and not to her....bla bla bla you know the deal. And basically she just blurts out "I HAVE HIS PHONE NUMBER" when she didn't even send 'him' a friend request. And then she starts making up some things and I tell her "Well why don't I go ask him if that's true?" and guess what she shut up..... So realize how these girls just blurt out lies just because of boys, wanting to be better than others, winning and many other things........ (I'm not gonna say any nicknames so don't bother asking)


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