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Monday, December 6, 2010

Italian Mafia

Ok so when I posted the first post about this I had only read one blog but now: I've done some research and it's a lot worst then I initially thought!

A year ago the stardoll elite: emorox4eva got hacked by the Italian Mafia, all her rares got sold for 2sd in the starbazaar! But she got her account back and stardoll made it as so that it isn't possible for her to sell her rares anymore. The Italian Mafia is back but even if they did hack her account, they couldn't do much damage. But not all stardoll elite's are that lucky, they can't stop their assets from being sold if they get hacked.

Many accounts have been created TODAY, 5th December, all with "Italian Mafia" somewhere in their names. They have created a blog called sditalianmafia! Please don't visit I've visited and there's just one post saying: kisses. In some of their presentations there is written a list..... their victims! jnkj
Here it is:

1st:vpurple = hacked 
2nd: mizzmileycyrus9 = hacked 
3rd= jess-lolly=hacked
4th=poohg1993= going to be hacked
5th=fashionngirl.=going to be hacked
6th=emorox4eva=going to be hacked 
7th=Miss_LolitaF=going to get hacked
8th=keira-v=is going to get deleted
9th=shakira-avril=going to get hacked
the list will grow each day

I have checked the people that have been 'hacked' and they do confirm that they were hacked....

Right now what you should do is not accept ANY friend requests. If you're on the list above or if they've told you that they'll hack you: close your guestbook, not opened just for friends, CLOSED FOR EVERYONE. You should also change your password and delete anything in your presentation which might have to do with your password. Don't answer any questions to anybody that might have to do with your password. Don't leave them any chances of finding out your password!

The obvious members of the mafia up to now are:
But there are also people undercover, people that might have been your friends for a long time :(

We'll be keeping you up to date :)


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