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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Italian Mafia!!

I was looking at stardoll blogs when I read an article on: stardoll's most hated website about the 'Italian Mafia' and I couldn't believe it cause I'd just payed a visit to the amazing cherry-mama's guestbook where I read the following comments:


So I was really scared when reading the articles about the Italian Mafia, this is what they say(I will only post a few of their posts since they posted lots):

Post nº1:
I know you won't believe me because you all just want drama for Stardoll, but this is the truth, and don't believe anyone who says anything else.
The recent Italian Mafia attacks are being done by 'misscarla90990', the same girl who hacked me. She has a few other accounts:victoria141 and now -Pop_Tart-. If you want the Italian Mafia gone, go delete all three of those accounts.

Post nº2
According to the poll so far, most of you believe the Italian Mafia is back. I guess I'll follow along too seeing that their have been many hacking's recently and even PSG writer -Pop_Tart- was hacked also!! Today, The mafia even put out a victim list of people who will or have been targeted. The list was found on ItalianMafiaZue's presentation, but the account has just been deleted.

1st:vpurple = hacked
2nd: mizzmileycyrus9 = hacked
3rd= jess-lolly=hacked
4th=poohg1993= going to be hacked
5th=fashionngirl.=going to be hacked
6th=emorox4eva=going to be hacked
7th=Miss_LolitaF=going to get hacked
8th=keira-v=is going to get deleted
9th=shakira-avril=going to get hacked

the list will grow each day
I also even got a comment saying I was 13th on the hack list and receive many more comments of people claiming to have been hacked from the notorious mafia!! I honestly could care less if I do get hacked, I can always create another account. I've never wasted a cent on Stardoll, especially seeing that Stardoll has yet to create a system that can secure your account. I feel bad for those people who spent a lot of money on their accounts and have been hacked. Now, that the supposed mafia is back everyone is in a panic!! Stardoll is getting seriously insane right now and every one is running to nowhere!!!

WTF has Stardoll come too?????!!!!! Could it finally be the end??



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