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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fashion Outside Stardoll

Week 2.

I'm so sorry about the last two weeks, they have been busy and I was not able to write but I'm back!

Anyway here is this weeks designs (sorry it's not my best):


This design is a casual look.
The main colour is green and blue with white jeans.
The bag is a simple heart shaped one.
The two layered top makes it stylish. I wanted to do something simple and casual but cool at the same time. It isn't the same on both sides: one sholder strap.
The Jeans are simple just plain white.
The army boots makes it stand out. Slender themed rather than big and bulky. The're strappy and have only a small heel; not too fancy.
This type of look would be worn casualy in Autumn or spring. Out shopping or something like that. It could be worn with a leather jacket.

Hope you like it! Please comment!

AliceIzzy454 x

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