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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Paper Doll Heaven

Did you know that stardoll used to be paperdollheaven.com? That was back in the days, when stardoll was a small website with hardly any staff. As paperdollheaven grew bigger they changed the name to Stardoll, as well as the URL. What you probably didn't know is that paperdollheaven.com still exists. It's stardoll but  without the medolls, it's a dress-up site with exactly the same dress-ups as in our stardoll. It has even got the Doll House game which is a default suite with different interiors, you can decorate each room with exactly the same items as in your ordinary stardoll suite! AND if you scroll down to the bottom of the page you will see..... the stardoll logo, along with the piczo logo which can also be found on stardoll. If you scroll down on stardoll you will also see the paperdoll heaven logo! Here's the link, go check it out, it's interesting to see! www.paperdollheaven.com



  1. Thanks for writing about Paperdoll Heaven. Yes, the site is still up and we will start making changes to it pretty soon to make it even more fun.


    Paulina, Paperdoll Heaven

  2. Remember the dollhouse on paperdoll heaven? What was the name of that piano instrumental? Please, for years I've been dying to know.