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Monday, April 11, 2011

Greedy Greedy Stardoll!!

Stardoll has released the new store Perfect Day, today: Monday 11th, as expected. But Stardoll is getting way to greedy! It is truly annoying how stardoll never ceases to have overpriced clothes! But this time it's not just one dress that costs a fortune, no, it's worst: every single dress is divided into as many parts possible each costing between 8sd to 18sd!! This is pure greed! I AM SOOOO ANNOYED AT STARDOLL RIGHT NOW!!! Plus have you noticed that in the last picture on the right there's a dress that resembles a beautiful December hot buys dress, but this one in my opinion is really ugly and is divided in 4 pieces! RIDICULOUS! 
So do you share the same opinions as me? Tell me in comments!
If you have other opinions, tell me too!!


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