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Monday, February 21, 2011

Free Rango Items!


If you are not from the UK you will need a proxy....try slygeek.com or goproxing.com
Copy and Paste this link into the proxy bar
Log in to Stardoll
Wait for awhile then log off the proxy.


First of all you need to get your user ID, to get it go to My Page -> My Account -> Settings. 
Your user ID should be an 8 digit long number. Once you have it add it to the end of this link: 


Go to the link and click ENTER. Now you have to register. You can put anything in all the boxes, but you must put in a valid email account and make sure the passwords match. Click register, and the jacket should be in a gift box in your suite!

 If some of you are having problems getting the jacket, it might help if at the end you click 'Click here to return to stardoll and receive your gift' at the end :D

xoxo Jewel

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