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Friday, February 18, 2011

Free dress(pink,red.black,or lime)

Free Dress

This is old freebie, but since there are so many new members on stardoll, it might be that some of you don't know about this

1)Log in stardoll (be sure that you have verified your e-mail)
one dress from these four you want to get

3)Click on the link of dress you want Or Copy&Paste it on your browser and Hit enter
For Cute Pink Dress:
For Red Vintage Dress:
For Black Laced Dress:
For Lime Green Dress:
3)You will be redirected to your suite and the dress you chose will be in a giftbox in your suite [:


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. i am not in charge of thi place talk to the owner !!!!!!

  3. @Alia Syafiqah
    I clearly state in the post of the designs that the credit of the idea of having designs to raise money for comps, was THE STARDOLL HOUR'S, and I did mention it to the owner of that blog. I put OFFICIAL designs because it's the most logic thing to put, so that people know that THAT design is ours,officially, just like I put- "the blog's OFFICIAL logo".