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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Quick look

Hi guys, its me here. I decided to do a quick look. 
In this look it is just a random, fancy, creative look. 
I just pulled together an outfit from the stores. 
I put on a dress, and then a skirt from Bisou to put over it. It looked good, so i continued.
I went into Mortal Kiss, and saw the collar. I put it on, and decided to be more creative. 
I put this on the waist, instead of a belt. I saw the head accessory, and thought it made
it look more mysterious. On the window shopping, i saw the PPQ shoes. They went with it, so i took the first 
necklace i saw, and put it on.
I did do makeup for it, but it wiped it off after 5 minutes o.o So i just went with it.
I pulled this together quickly, but i also thought it looked good.
So i decided to share it with you guys.
You can use this look, and shake it up a little. 

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