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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Beauty Tips!

Beauty tips!
Hi everyone, in this post i will telling you some easy beauty tips.
These are natrual, fun things that you can do with mostly anything laying around your house!

Tomato and sugar!
This is an exfoliator. All you need is to cut up a slice or two of a tomato, get
some sugar on a plate, and then dip the tomato face on the sugar.
Tie your hair back, and the just scrub it on your face.
Once you feel the sugar starting to harden, and go sticky, then go wash it off.
You should feel re-freshed, and smooth.
What this does is take of the dead skin from your face. Thats why it feels so smooth 

Drink water everyday!Water is a must for healthy skin!
Make sure you bring your waterbottle everywhere with you.
Water helps your skin feeling smooth, its good for your lips, and prevents constipation.
Try to drink atleast 8 cups of water a day. 

Extra virgin olive oil!
This may seem really bad for your skin, as it can clog up your pores.
But its actually really good for anything. Its a good moisturizer, good to remove makeup,
can be used as a toner, or even as a lip balm!
Just use a little amount on a cotton ball, and then do what you want to do!

I hope you enjoyed these tips, and used them :)
I might make another post in the future about something like this :D

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