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Thursday, January 20, 2011

90 million members

Hi everyone, im back from a trip out of town.
We had to go to the city for my dad's hospital appoitment. 
Also meaning, SHOPPING! My mum is a shopaholic too, so we went to lots of places. 
Smiggle, Lush, Jay Jays, Forever New, Dotti, Cotton on, etc. 
Anyway, on with the post!

So now if we spend 10 - 90 stardollars before January 24st, then we get back 45 stardollars.
Wow, finally something nice from stardoll. 
But its still kinda rude for non superstars. They are still a part of the 90 million members, and they
may only have 10 stardollars to spend. That is a bit unfair. 
And a bit late. 
We are on 90,537,284 members, lol.
How much bandwith are we taking up? XD

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