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Sunday, December 26, 2010

The rock ages of stardoll....

Do you notice that when you click on someone to go to her suite on your URL box there's something like this: http://www.stardoll.com/en/user/?id=99999999999 in this case (doesn't exist) the doll was the 99999999999 person to join stardoll, that's also called the persons User ID. So if you put the number 1 instead of all those nines, callie.stardoll will be the doll to appear but if you put a 2 eldsjal will appear:

As you can see he joined in 2005.

Now what's really weird is that she joined in 2002!!! And what's much weirder than that is that if you look up stardoll on wikipedia it will tell you that stardoll started in 2004.

Here are my questions to you: 
Do you know anyone else who goes way back in stardoll history?
Who do you think is the oldest one -I know that it's quite obviously skye87 but eldsjal is in nÂș2- so what do you think about that? 


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