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Thursday, December 30, 2010

New years eve look

Hi guys, today im going to be showing you a new years eve look! 
These can be for Stardoll, or in actual life!
I am going to be doing these looks/tutorials once a week, until i have run out of ideas.
I hope you will enjoy them, and here they are.

A new years eve look like this can be for a party, or a costume, or just to look sexy!
If you want to dress up for a party, then you want a body wrap, mini dress, or a cocktail dress.
Try to choose colours that are similar to fireworks, the sky, or simply colours that compliment you!
In this picture, i have chose purple. Its my favourite colour, and it also reminds you of the sky at night.
It compliments the dolls hair, and it is easy to apply makeup with this colour.
The next thing you want is to have tights. Never say no to tights.
If you are wearing this look in real life, then you must have tights! Just a simple sitdown, or a bend over with a short dress, means that anyone could see your underwear. Even if you wore tights, it wouldnt be
as bad because at least your 80% covered.
Next is accesorising. Gloves will give a great touch, and wont make you look as plain
The gloves can range from elbow length, to hand length. 
Now for the belt. Make sure to get a belt that isnt the same colour as your dress. It will
blend in, and do nothing for this outfit. If you want to look spectacular, then i suggest a thick, wide belt. 
They make your waist look like its smaller than it seems.
Dont be afraid to add a necklace, or some bracelets.
Lastly, shoes. A girls, womans, teenagers best friend! A pair of rounded peep toe pumps in the colour of 
your dress, or the colour of your gloves. Your choice. If you dont like heels that much, then feel free
to change it to flats. It will look great with this outfit.

So that is the end of this weeks look, but keep watch for next weeks tutorial too!
I hope you all had a great year, a great Christmas, and a great New years!

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