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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I have noticed that in a post one of my writers has copied one of ghandoora's posts.... She can no longer write for this blog.... And please forgive the blog... I had no idea that she was copying, please don't think any less of the blog: this was all a misunderstanding and I took care of it, she was fired!! A BIG APOLOGY TO GHANDOORA: SORRY ABOUT THIS PLEASE FORGIVE THE BLOG AND DON'T WORRY SHE WON'T BE COPYING YOUR POSTS ONTO THIS BLOG ANYMORE :P
Thanks for understanding, and please comment saying you understand, I don't want anyone to hate this blog after all the work I put into it just because of a copycat.....
xoxo groovyme4ever


  1. Thank you, I follow Ghandoora's blog as well as this and I'm glad you did something about this. I forgive your blog.

  2. ich find das blöd das du sie rausgeschmissen hast in diesem viertel kopiert jeden jeden und ghandorra hat das ja auch von irgend wo kopiert ne und die bilder nicht selbst gemacht das kriegt man über all dann muss ghandorra zu dem jenigen gehen von wem sie die bilder geklaut hat um verzeichung bitten ich find das häßlich
    das sie die ganze leser zum fluchen geschickt hat.
    I couldn't write all the text in english u can use the translater and take it easy this is not the end of the world