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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Competition nº2

Competition nº2

Okay so in this new competition all you have to do is dress up your doll with an 'Other World' theme!! The prize is 25sd(superstars) and 3 superstar gifts (non-superstars)!
1) You've got to follow this blog
2) Your outfit can't be one of the outfits that stardoll already put together for the store(you have to mix clothes from different mannequins)
3)The prizes will only be given out if there are a minimum of 5 entry's to the contest(so get your friends participating!!)

In the comment write: your stardoll name & the tinypic link to your outfit!(make your outfit, take a screen-shot of it and post it on tinypic, and then give us the url for the tinypic)

Feel-free to ask whatever questions you have!
Good luck!!


  1. Hi :)
    User is design_friend ^^

  2. Hey, thanks for having this competiton!

    Here is my entry http://i55.tinypic.com/33dciz5.jpg

    My username is Princesspea105

    Thank you.