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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Competition nº1


"Ok so this first competition is very simple. Comps will be getting harder as we go on!! But the rewards will also be better :p "

What you got to do is: Create a scenery with the theme of Fairy Tales!
Do the scenery and name it 'stardoll high society' or 'SHS' whichever you prefer!
Leave a comment with your stardoll name and a link to the scenery!
The competition ends on the 17th of December! I will announce the winner here and in the winners guestbook! Now...what you've all been waiting for... THE GRAND PRIZE: 25sd!!!!!(for superstars) or 3 superstar gifts (non-superstars)

Good luck!!!



  1. Hi!! I am THETyraBanks on stardoll!! I made a scenery but the thing is: when I saved it everything went out of place ... :( Anyways here's the link: http://www.stardoll.com/en/user/scenery.php
    P.S. i love this blog!! How do u follow a blog?

  2. Hey it's design_friend and I also made a scenery^.^ I hope you'll like it!
    Oh and the link.. you can't get to my scenerie with it because it's always the same link http://www.stardoll.com/de/user/scenery.php (THETyraBanks got the same) Just search me on stardoll and the the first scenerie is the one for the competition --> named stardoll high society - competition